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The "Craze of the Decade" tee by MENACE © was inspired by the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll era that existed in the 60's - 70's. LSD was popularized during this time, reaching it's peak just before mid 70's only to gradually become less popular till its usage declined in the 80's. The drug known to cause hallucinations and a feeling of euphoria became an escape for much of the youth from the problems of society, with many of those who used (and still use) the drug comparing the trip to a "life-changing experience" - even Steve Jobs was a known acid dropper in his early days. Many artists endorsed LSD and it's effects and the drug is credited for aiding in the "inspiration" process of MANY of the classic rock n' roll songs that still take over our playlists.

- Direct-to-garment printing.
- Slightly slimmer fit.
- 100% Cotton.
- Premium super soft/lightweight tee.
- Sewn woven label + size tag inside collar.

- Made in the USA.


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