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Growing up in the Southeast LA area, gang activity and crimes were at an all time high in the late 90's/mid-2000's. It wasn't too uncommon my older brothers or me to hear the chopper circling over a few blocks down or hear about a shooting every once in a while. And while it has dramatically calmed down since then, this jacket was made with some personal friends, an uncle I never got the chance to meet, and all the families who've lost someone due to senseless violence in mind. The poem reads... "I was chosen today, I'm learning to fly, the world took me away, but please don't you cry. And I chose you today, to try and be strong, so please don't you cry, and say that I'm gone."

Made from 100% heavy cotton corduroy, the outer-shell was made to handle wear and tear with ease. The 100% polyester satin lining allows for maximum comfort and breathability. Two front pockets and adjustable buttons located at the cuffs and rear-hip allow for the wearer to fit the jacket to his/her liking. A shiny silver zipper lines the center of the jacket along with a high-stitch count embroidery of the the "White Rose" poem/flower on the right and left chest.

- Silky satin lining.
- Two front pockets.
- Adjustable buttons at waist/cuffs
- MENACE FOREVER CROSSHAIR shiny silver zipper.
- 100% Cotton shell.
- 100% Polyester lining.
- Sewn woven label, size tag, and care label.

- Cut + sewn in Los Angeles.



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