Trouble in Paradise Collection Lookbook

This collection was inspired by my time growing up in Southeast LA. It wasn't too uncommon for my older brothers or I to hear the chopper circling over a few blocks down or hear about a shooting every once in a while. Hispanic gangs held it down in my city back then. I remember going over to my bestfriend's house who lived right next door to what pretty much was a gang's HQ. They were some older OG's and we were kids so they were cool with us, talking to us whenever we'd see them, but his mom would always trip on us just for being outside. It's not the same anymore so while it has dramatically calmed down over the years, roughly since the late 2000s, I can still vividly remember some of those times where things could have easily popped off when I was younger. My city was my paradise growing up, a troubled one at that, but my paradise nonetheless.