Trouble in Paradise Collection Lookbook

Trouble in Paradise was inspired by the whole culture anyone trying to make it encounters. In LA, lots of people come out here to "make it". You get lots of aspiring actors, models, designers who come to find out rent is sky-high and nothing is guaranteed. In the process, they meet people who don't really have their best interests at heart, that "one" bad love, are using them for connections, and quickly find out this isn't the "paradise" they thought it would be... Trouble in Paradise.

We purposely chose baggy attire for this lookbook. Living in LA, outsiders see this as a tourist hotspot not knowing how hood it can really be out here. From the inside looking out we love it here, there's no place like it... just drawing from experience to show a different angle.

The opening shot with the jersey and helicopter captured perfectly what I tried to depict for this drop, the police chopper just happened to be flying by and I couldn't miss this moment so my photographer started snapping as much as he could. Nothing is ever overlooked or done at random for you guys so thank you to the ones who appreciate the work and thank you to all of you for showing love.
- Steven M.