MENACE Playboi Satin Varsity Jacket Lookbook March 20 2020
Introducing one of the first cut n sew pieces to our line-up, the Playboi Satin Varsity Baseball jacket is constructed and sourced in Los Angeles. The Playboi jacket includes heavy flannel lining for the winter chill and premium satin for the outer-shell, as well as an inner pocket. [ VIEW LOOKBOOK ]
MENACE Summer 2015 Lookbook March 20 2020

Inspired by the "sex, drugs, & rock n' roll" era of the 60's-70's, Summer 2015 touches on multiple subjects that coincide with the time. Sex, drugs, and the rebellious counterculture were the lasting impressions left by the 60's-70's. This rebellious spirit was only pushed forward by being endorsed by the rock n' roll rockstars of that time and America has never really shaken off the effects. Like before the "fuck authority" attitude, recreational drug use, and free-spirited/open-minded attitudes in the youth are still prevalent. The 60's-70's were a time of self-fulfillment and most importantly they gave birth to multiple outlets of creativity and leisure. This was our homage to a time of sex-crazed & drug-induced dreamers and rebellious spirits alike. [ VIEW LOOKBOOK ]